2015-06-08 The Translator Group, now certified according to ISO17100

The Translator Group, as of June 1st, is one of the first translation agencies in Europe to be certified according to the new ISO standard ISO17100. The certification body is Austrian Standards.

2014-07-18 NURI Telecom Co. Ltd. South Korea signs up with The Translator Group

Nuri Telecom have chosen The Translator Group as supplier of specialised and certified translations. NURI Telecom Co. Ltd. provides Smart Grid and Energy Management systems and solutions using Advanced Metering Reading system (AMR) and Smart Grid applications over wireless and electrical networks.

2014-06-26 The Translator Group ranked as one of the top 100 language providers in the world

The Massachusetts-based market research company Common Sense Advisory has, in its 2014 overview of the language market, ranked The Translator Group as one of the top 100 providers in the world. “This is great news for us,” says Rita Banati, head of Project Management. “Our strive for high quality and excellent customer service is paying off,” adds Banati.

2014-04-12 The Translator Group continues to grow from strength to strength

The market for translation services has witnessed stagnation for the past 24 months. Nevertheless, The Translator Group (TTG) has seen strong growth in this period and can report an organic growth in sales of 58% with retained net margin for Q1 2014.Our growth strategy remains unchanged and we are continuing to grow organically in Asia, North America and Central Europe, although we can also see possible acquisitions in Scandinavia,” says Björn Hallberg, CEO of TTG.A rise in sales of 40% is expected for the 2014 financial year driven by increased market share in Central Europe. For more information, contact:

Björn Hallberg

2014-01-30 Malmö Sweden

Swedish National Encyclopedia signs contract with The Translator Group
The Swedish National Encyclopedia has today signed a deal with The Translator Group for the production of a large number of word books. The Swiss translation company is to help produce word books in up to 14 languages, including a number of specialised word books in legal, technical and potentially other fields.
"This is a proud moment for us," says Björn Hallberg, CEO of The Translator Group. "It shows that in a world where budget, low-cost and cheap are some of the most searched-for terms there are still people and organisations that cherish quality." The cooperation starts with immediate effect and the first eight books will be delivered in autumn 2014.”


The Translator Group wins Swedish government contract
The Swedish government today announced the result of a call for tender for translation services.

The Swiss company 'The Translator Group' has been one of the selected to provide
translation services for the Swedish government.

The Translator Group based in Sarnen, Obwalden has previously won a
number of other public contracts in the Nordic region.

The annual total of the 2 year contract is expected to be around EUR 5.5 million.


The Translator Group has entered into an agreement with Visit Technology Group AB regarding the supply of translation services for Visit Technology Group and Visit's clients worldwide.

The agreement means that Visit Technology Group's clients get access to one of the leading translation services globally, at a significantly discounted price.

Visit Technology Group AB is a supplier of systems for information, booking, packaging and distribution for destination companies, member companies and hotels in the travel industry.

The Translator Group, with its base in Switzerland, is one of the leading translation agencies globally when it comes to translations for the tourism and hotel industry.


Save 40% on the translation of your website 

The Translator Group (TTG) is introducing a simple, smart way for companies to transfer texts between multilingual websites. Known as WTPU, this automated process will allow site owners and conglomerates the world over to transfer texts from one language into another between websites. 

Multinational companies who run hundreds of multilingual websites will benefit substantially from this innovation. Websites that continuously update their pages with new material traditionally incur substantial translation costs. The Translator Group has come up with a technical solution that simplifies and accelerates this process while reducing costs. 

The WTPU (Website Translation Processing Unit) is a plug-in that is installed free of charge by TTG in the site’s backend, and enables the transference  of text directly to TTG’s translation management system. The translated files are then sent directly back to the website and placed in the correct place; the only thing left is to do is proofread the material. 

The cost savings are considerable - up to 40%, making the cost-per-word as little as EUR 0.12. 

Initially the WTPU is available for TYPO3, one of the best CMS (Content Management Systems) for large sites.  The TYPO3 system itself offers cost reductions, given that it is available for free and without annual licensing fees. Soon, WTPU will also be available for other CMS systems. 

Client interfaces available initially comprise nine languages: Danish, English, French, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and German. 

The Translator Group is a leading global communications and translation company. Their technical solutions don’t just stop at WTPU - their Web Shop Language Solution is another innovation, an effective online solution for customer communication that is intended for multinational e-retailers. 

Reference list TYPO3 users

The Translator Group - The Native Translator , The Business Translator sponsors MILMUN - Milan International Model United Nations

Milmun is an important international event with university students from all over the world coming together in Milan to discuss global as well as regional problems and conflicts. The participants are our future leadership and The Translator Group acting globally has felt that this is an important event that we would like to support.

The Translator Group has therefore, together with Lufthansa, entered as commercial sponsors of the MILMUN conference.
Protector for the MILMUN conference is His excellence Ban Ki-Moon the UN Secretary-General.

For further information contact:
Mrs. Rita Banati COO, The Translator Group
Tel. + 43 (0) 664 5856 293

8th February 2011

YellowOffshore have chosen The Business Translator as their global communication partner.

YellowOffshore are one of the leading companies involved in recruitment, training and staff leasing within the offshore sector. YellowOffshore have chosen The Business Translator, a Swiss based translation and communications company, as their global communications and translations partner.

“The fact that we provide a 24/7 service and fast high-quality translations at fair prices is a very good reason for YellowOffshore to choose us”, says Rita Banati, General Manager at The Business Translator. “Few of our competitors are able to work with as many languages as we do. We deal with over 100 languages every day”.

YellowOffshore, who just opened their first office in the Middle East, require fast and reliable Arabic translations.
The Business Translator has vast experience in Arabic translation. For example, they have provided GM (the US car manufacturer) with this service for their 2011 marketing campaign.

For further information contact:
The Translator Group, Rita Banati +43 (0) 664 5856 293,

YellowOffshore, Peter Eriksson +46 (0)768 403 434

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2015-06-08 The Translator Group, now certified according to ISO17100: The Translator Group, as of June 1st, is one of the first translation agencies in ...


2014-07-18 NURI Telecom Co. Ltd. South Korea signs up with The Translator Group: Nuri Telecom have chosen The Translator Group as supplier of specialised and certified ...


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